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Album (201)


65daysofstatic We Were Exploding Anyway 2010
Aesthesys Achromata 2018
Agora Fidelio Le Troisième Choix 2006
Alcest Souvenirs d'un autre monde 2007
Les Discrets / Alcest 2009
coeur Ecailles de Lune 2010
Les Voyages de l'Âme 2012
coeur Shelter 2014
Kodama 2016
Spiritual Instinct 2019
Altaar Altaar 2013
Altar of Plagues White Tomb 2009
Amartia Marionette 2006
Amphetamin coeur At the Dawn of Twilight 2013
coeur A Forest of Rainbows 2018
Amplifier Amplifier 2004
And So I Watch You From Afar All Hail Bright Futures 2013
Heirs 2015
Another Moon Welcome to Another Moon 2007
AqME coeur Épithète, Dominion, Épitaphe 2012
As The Stars Fall Tempus Fugit (EP) 2010
Asunojokei coeur Island 2022
At The Drive-In Relationship Of Command 2000
At The Soundawn coeur Shifting 2010
AtomA Skylight 2012
Australasia Vertebra 2013
Baroness gueule Live at Maida Vale 2013
Barst coeur The Western Lands 2016
Battle Of Britain Memorial The Aftermath Of Your Bright Beings 2011
Black Light Burns Anvil Pants 2009
Bliss-Illusion Shinrabansho 2018
Botanist Paleobotany 2024
Brainwash Mondogumor (EP) 2007
Breach Kollapse 2001
Bruit The Machine Is Burning And Now Everyone [...] 2021
Brutus (BE) coeur Unison Life 2022
Camelias Garden Kite (EP) 2015
Cassie Something You Always Wanted To Hear (EP) 2011
CloverSeeds Innocence 2008
Code (UK) coeur Mut 2015
Crippled Black Phoenix coeur Great Escape 2018
coeur Ellengæst 2020
coeur Banefyre 2022
Cult Of Luna Vertikal 2013
Data Princess Pilot 2004
Dead Poetic Vices 2006
Dead To A Dying World coeur Elegy 2019
Decline of the I coeur Escape 2018
coeur Johannes 2021
Destinos Fireflies For Fireworks 2012
Discrets, (les) Les Discrets / Alcest 2009
Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées 2010
Ariettes Oubliées... 2012
Dredg coeur The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion 2009
Dunwich Tail-Tied Hearts 2020
Earth Hibernaculum (EP) 2007
Primitive and Deadly 2014
Ekove Efrits Nowhere 2013
Epitimia Faces of Insanity 2012
Exquirla Para Quienes Aún Viven 2017
Fen Monuments to Absence 2023
Féroces Juliette (EP) 2016
Donna (EP) 2017
Joséphine (EP) 2018
Fluisteraars Luwte 2015
coeur Bloem 2020
Gegrepen door de geest der zielsontluiki [...] 2021
Frames In Via 2012
Fvnerals The Light 2014
Galaktik Cancer Squad Ghost Light 2013
Gallops Mystic Bronze 2017
Gazpacho coeur London 2011
coeur March of Ghosts 2011
Molok 2015
Ghost Bath coeur Moonlover 2015
Giant Squid Metridium Fields 2006
God Is An Astronaut All Is Violent, All Is Bright 2005
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F#A#∞ 1997
GOLD coeur Why Aren't You Laughing? 2019
Habitants coeur One Self 2018
Hanging Garden Blackout Whiteout 2015
Hark Crystalline 2014
Hell Gate Par-delà l'existence 2020
Hogarth Barbieri coeur Not the Weapon but the Hand 2011
Holy Fawn Death Spells 2018
Dimensional Bleed 2022
Hope Drone Cloak of Ash 2015
Hourvari EP 2013
Hypno5e coeur Shores of the Abstract Line 2016
Hypothermia Svartkonst 2015
If These Trees Could Talk The Bones of a Dying World 2016
illuminatus The Rising Tide (EP) 2009
Isis SGNL>05 2001
In The Absence Of Truth 2006
Junius Reports From The Threshold Of Death 2011
Days of the Fallen Sun 2014
Eternal Rituals For The Accretion Of Lig [...] 2017
Katatonia Dethroned & Uncrowned 2013
Katla. Allt þetta Helvítis Myrkur 2020
Kauan coeur Sorni Nai 2015
coeur Kaiho 2017
Khoma Second Wave 2006
Kill The Thrill 203 Barriers 2001
Tellurique 2005
Autophagie 2024
Killing Joke Absolute Dissent 2010
Lantlôs gueule Melting Sun 2014
L'Homme Puma L'Homme Puma (EP) 2007
On Remplace Les Yeux Cassés 2009
Lodz Something In Us Died 2013
Time Doesn't Heal Anything 2017
Long Distance Calling Avoid The Light 2009
Lotus Thief Gramarye 2016
coeur Oresteia 2020
Lovesliescrushing Xuvetyn 1996
Lychgate The Contagion in Nine Steps 2018
Maudits Précipice 2024
Maybeshewill Fair Youth 2014
Miserere Luminis Ordalie 2023
Mogwai Mr. Beast 2006
Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will 2011
A Wrenched Virile Lore 2012
Les Revenants 2013
gueule Rave Tapes 2014
Mono One Step More and You Die 2002
Transcendental 2015
coeur Requiem for Hell 2016
My Sleeping Karma Soma 2012
Moksha 2015
Mela Ananda (live) 2017
Naat coeur Fallen Oracles 2020
NAME Internet Killed The Audio Star 2010
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds From Her To Eternity 1984
Tender Prey 1988
Nochnoy Dozor Nochnoy Dozor (EP) 2018
Nothing Guilty of Everything 2014
Oceansize coeur Frames 2007
Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up 2010
Odradek Room Bardo. Relative Reality. 2013
Oh Hiroshima Myriad 2022
Oiseaux - Tempête Oiseaux - Tempête 2013
Palms Palms 2013
Panopticon Kentucky 2012
coeur The Rime of Memory 2023
Perihelion Zeng 2015
Përl coeur Luminance 2017
Les Maîtres du Silence 2021
Porcupine Tree In Absentia 2002
Psychonaut 4 Have A Nice Trip 2012
Radiohead OK Computer 1997
Kid A 2000
Amnesiac 2001
Hail to the Thief 2003
There There (EP) 2003
Russian Circles coeur Memorial 2013
Seaholder HD855 12b 2012
Sgàile Ideals & Morality 2021
coeur Traverse the Bealach 2024
Sights & Sounds Silver Door (EP) 2013
Sigur Rós Ágætis Byrjun 1999
Takk... 2005
Simone Choule coeur Simone Choule (EP) 2008
Sivyj Yar From the Dead Villages' Darkness 2014
Burial Shrouds 2015
Slowdive Slowdive 2017
Sna-Fu Mighty Galvanizer 2011
So Hideous Last Poem / First Light 2014
None but a Pure Heart Can Sing 2021
Sólstafir Köld 2009
coeur Svartir Sandar 2011
Í Blóði Og Anda (réedition) 2013
coeur Ótta 2014
Submariner Before The Celestial Realm (EP) 2022
Supernovae Faint Vision of Earth 2020
Talk Talk Spirit Of Eden 1988
Laughing Stock 1991
Tassi Northland III 2022
Tempel On The Steps Of The Temple 2013
The Chant coeur New Haven 2014
The Destiny Program Subversive Blueprints 2007
The Ocean Transcendental 2015
The Random Monsters We Pretend It's All Right (EP) 2016
The River A Hollow Full of Hope 2023
Thränenkind The Elk 2013
Three The Ghost You Gave To Me 2011
Tides From Nebula Eternal Movement 2013
Totorro Home Alone 2014
Ultar Kadath 2016
Ultha coeur All That Has Never Been True 2022
Unreqvited Beautiful Ghosts 2021
Vemod coeur The Deepening 2024
Venice May Illusion is Inevitable 2018
Venus Principle Stand In Your Light 2022
Virus The Black Flux 2008
Wildernessking coeur Mystical Future 2016
Wilson, Steven coeur Hand. Cannot. Erase. 2015
Wolvennest coeur Void 2018
Temple 2020
Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss 2006
Zenzile Berlin 2014
Zéro Absolu Du Vide Au Néant 2007

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