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entre et

entre et /20


Album (19)


Abruptum Evil Genius 2007
Bullet Highway Pirates 2011
Eleine Until the End 2018
All Shall Burn (EP) 2019
Dancing in Hell 2020
Elvira Madigan gueule Regent Sie 2008
Eternal Oath Ghostland 2013
Hellfueled Memories In Black 2007
Emission Of Sins 2010
Hysterica The Art of Metal 2012
Insania Agony - Gift Of Life 2007
Maze Of Torment Hidden Cruelty 2007
Mean Streak Metal Slave 2009
Declaration Of War 2011
Trial by Fire 2013
Raise Hell City of the Damned 2006
Rutthna Doomsdaylight 2005
Sabaton The Art Of War 2008
The Storyteller gueule Dark Legacy 2013

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