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Entretien avec David Andersson - le 28 février 2020


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Tabris : Thank you for opening the flight data recorder for the occasion of the release of Aeromantic. First of all, how do you feel right now?

David Andersson : I feel like releasing a new-born innocent baby into a cold and cynical world.

Tabris : When and how was the thought Aeromantic born, which bubbles and other more or less legal stimulants carried you straight towards the goal of creating the album?

David Andersson : It was a constant battle of will, but also very much joy of creation. I think we learned a lot about ourselves making this album. It was mostly fuelled by alcohol, but also by anxiety and self-regret.

Tabris : About the concept of « Aeromantic »: The tiny soap opera, "Cabin Pressure Drop" gave a first idea of the new album. Several trailers were published on social media, one of them reflecting on what an Aeromantic is. You talk about mystical creatures (and the "Taurus" spot is eloquent from this point of view), romantics fields, gravity. Could you go deeper in these three definitions of an Aeromantic?

David Andersson : I believe that the unwillingness to believe in mythical creatures makes gravity stronger. I believe that belief in itself is something very powerful, and that where you choose to put that belief shapes you as a human being. If you chose to surrender to some sort of organised religion, I believe that you give up certain parts of your individuality. But if you choose your own weird belief, like unicorns or Satan, it will make you stronger.

Tabris : For those who didn’t follow Nuclear Blast to get a taste of the promo in advance like little gourmands, two tracks were in listening to give the A: "Divinyls" and "Transmissions".
When I listened to "Divinyls" the first time, I looked for what this name could refer to and I came across this cult track, "I Touch Myself", from the band Divinyls. A band that has a way of sensuality in their music and lyrics. Is it just an homage to a band you like, or is it the idea of levitating us to seventh heaven that influenced this title?

David Andersson : The Divinyls were a fantastic band with an absolutely fantastic frontwoman called Chrissy Amphlett, who sadly died much to young. They’re mostly known for the song you’ve mentioned, but they also had a career before that, with, performances like this : Divinyls at US festival - 1983
and Divinyls - "Boys in Town" (live) …Which was a big influence on us, and why we kept the name of the song as an homage to Chrissy.

Tabris : I guess that the video was shot at a place with a special meaning for Björn Strid? Do your songs or your clips express a part of you guys? Are there moments you want to emphasize on impressions, memories or hopes?

David Andersson : Björn used to be a hockey player and I guess that recording in that arena had a great impact on him.

Tabris : "Transmissions" is a very nice surprise (you warned us), such a heroic melancholy, accentuated by the contribution of this emotional violin. It gives you goose bumps while being very electrifying. In its sound and its very different sonorities, it differs from your previous tracks. Can you tell us more about this composition, the researches of sonorities, about what you wished to express as new ideas in this track and the whole album?

David Andersson : It’s all about the intricacies of the human body, and how the electricity of nerve cells transcends our scientific knowledge and becomes something otherworldly.

Tabris : With these two clips, you show a cinematographic approach, not without reminding the style of 80's films. And that fits. What inspires the writing and directing of these short stories (and when will we get the Top Gun version?)?

David Andersson : The aesthetics of 80’s movies like Top Gun will always be a major influence on our sound. We want to capture that cinematic experience in an aural version.


Tabris : The melancholy has a bigger part but though, you manage to keep the right balance so that the whole album resounds festive, luminous, enthusiastic. What's the secret behind?

David Andersson : There is no secret, it’s more that we’re melancholic Swedes who always expect the worst but hope for the best.

Tabris : Have you read this book that defends melancholy as a reveller of beauty against a society that is pacing itself towards artificial happiness, Against Happiness - In Praise of Melancholy by Eric G. Wilson?

David Andersson : No. But I’m buying it now. I can see just from the title that he has a point. If I wouldn’t have been a highly functional depressive, I’d never achieved anything.

Tabris : I'm still very impressed by the lyrics. What were your sources of inspiration this time? What landscapes had you in mind when writing them?

David Andersson : My inspirations were the same as always. Lots of Urban Fantasy books, lots of music biographies, lots of listening to and learning from other musicians and songwriters. I also get a lot of inspiration from the way that religion seems to become more and more of an influence in society these days, and how totally awkward it is that when we’re supposed to evolve, a lot of people turn back to religion, which in itself is always a form of intellectual and emotional regression.

Tabris : Femininity, sensuality, love is always highlighted in your music, is it because they are themes that naturally seduce or are it your own sensibilities that express themselves?

David Andersson : I guess it’s the way: It always leads to failure in some way and constant happiness seems to be an unattainable goal. So, I guess there’s a whole lot of longing involved. But I’m almost always writing from the fact that men are losers and females are always having the spiritual upper hand.

Tabris : It is your fifth album. How do you feel about it: Does The Night Flight Orchestra developed as you had imagined at the very beginning, or has the music taken an unexpected direction, different from the very first expectations?

David Andersson : I think we have evolved into something much bigger than we expected to. But then, we’ve always had that the Eagles evil, where you come from a benign scene and it evolves into something decadent and depraved.


Tabris : The Aeromantic Experience tour will start on March 6th. What will the visitors expect us? We already know that the Airline Annas will be dazzling. And you guys, as well. And will we finally be able to pass the security with champagne to toast with you during the show?

David Andersson : We will always toast with anyone who’s within toasting distance.

Tabris : We all know that Strid had a beret and a blazer that he possibly couldn't wear on stage with Soilwork and that's the reason why you have found an AOR band. Where did he find this sublime jacket with golden wings? And is your new keyboardist prepared for the dress code?

David Andersson : Björn always have all his clothes custom made. And our tour keyboardist, John Lönnmyr, is well aware of the rules, more so than our previous one.

Tabris : Finally, with this release, followed by the Aeromantic Experience tour, and the concomitant work with Soilwork, I take the opportunity to ask you how is your own jazz fusion project going?

David Andersson : It’s going well, had another session this January and it’s turning out great. Just need to find someone who wants to release it. But it is going to blow people’s minds. Or scare them away forever.

Tabris : A last word to our readers, and don't deprive yourself of being excessive.

David Andersson : Make sure that you’ll start listening to the album in whatever format or medium you prefer as soon as it’s released, so that you can sing along and dance your ass off to every song when you come to our show. It will be the best party you’ve had all year, because at our shows, the men are more handsome, the women are stronger, the drugs hit harder and the champagne is even more sparkling. So do some serious research and Google The Night Flight Orchestra Tour Dates, because you don’t want to miss this.

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