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Album (161)


Rivers of Nihil The Conscious Seed of Light 2013
Monarchy 2015
21Octayne Into The Open 2014
2.0 2015
Abnormality Mechanisms of Omniscience 2016
Abyssal Ascendant Chronicles of the Doomed Worlds - Part I [...] 2015
Acyl coeur Aftermath 2016
Afterbirth Foeticidal Embryo Harvestation (Demo rei [...] 2013
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Arc (EP) 2016
Alestorm Sunset on the Golden Age 2014
Alkaloid coeur The Malkuth Grimoire 2015
Anal Penetration Snuff fetish infection (Split) (rééditio [...] 2015
Anthrax Attack of the killer B'S 1991
Anticosm Anticosm 2015
Arch Enemy War Eternal 2014
Archspire The Lucid Collective 2014
Arkan Hilal 2008
Sofia 2014
Kelem 2016
Benighted Necrobreed 2017
Betzefer The Devil Went Down to the Holy Land 2013
Beyond Creation Earthborn Evolution 2014
Black Bomb A Comfortable Hate 2015
Black Tusk Ten No Wounds 2013
Pillars of Ash 2016
Bloody Pride Unleash your Wrath 2013
Bodyfarm Battle Breed 2015
But We Try It A Twisted Sanctuary 2013
Cannibal Corpse A Skeletal Domain 2014
Cattle Decapitation coeur The Anthropocene Extinction 2015
Centura Amerigeddon 2014
Confession Life and Death 2014
Crematory Antiserum 2014
Cripple Bastards coeur Nero In Metastasi 2014
Cumbeast Straight Outta Sewer 2016
Dagoba Post Mortem Nihil Est 2013
HellFest MMXIV (CD+DVD) 2014
Tales of the Black Dawn 2015
Davie Allan Split (split) 2016
Dawn of Disease Worship The Grave 2016
De Profundis Frequencies (EP) 2014
Dead Eyed Sleeper Gomorrh 2016
Death Mechanism Twenty-First Century 2013
Defecal Of Gerbe Mothershit 2019
Demonical Black Flesh Redemption (EP) 2015
Deströyer 666 Wildfire 2016
Dimlight The Lost Chapters 2015
Dreamgrave coeur Presentiment 2014
Earth Rot Chthonian Virtues (EP) 2016
Ensiferum One man Army 2015
Ethmebb La Quête Du Saint Grind 2017
Eths Ex Umbra In Solem (EP) 2014
Ankaa 2016
Evisorax Goodbye to the feast…Welcome to the Fami [...] 2015
Exhumation Bread Buttered on Both Sides (EP) 2014
Exhumed Gore Metal Redux : A Necrospective 2014
Exmortus Slave To The Sword 2014
Extinctionist Portals Of Extraterrestrial Invasions 2015
Fallujah Dreamless 2016
Fetal Autopsy Backwoods Bloodshed 2016
Flayed Symphony for the Flayed 2014
coeur Monster Man 2015
XI Million (EP) 2016
Fragile Existence Cataclysms and Beginnings 2015
Gadget The Great Destroyer 2016
Generation Kill We're All Gonna Die 2013
Gojira Magma 2016
Gorod coeur A Maze of Recycled Creeds 2015
Grotesque Ceremonium Demonic Inquisition 2016
Gruesome Savage Land 2015
Dimensions Of Horror 2016
Gulguta Gulguta 2014
Gus G. I am the Fire 2014
Brand New Revolution 2015
GWAR Battle Maximus 2013
Hatesphere Murderlust 2013
Hell of a ride Fast as lightning 2013
Herod They Were None 2013
Hirax Immortal Legacy 2014
Hor Zapor Beer metal 2015
Hypocras Implosive (EP) 2016
Idensity coeur Chronicles 2013
In Twilight's Embrace The Grim Muse 2015
Infected Society Snuff fetish infection (Split) (rééditio [...] 2015
Jesus Crost 1986 2014
Joel Grind Split (split) 2016
Joyless Jokers Taste Of Victory 2013
Kataklysm coeur Waiting for the End to Come 2013
Of Ghosts and Gods 2015
Kill Division Destructive Force 2013
Krisiun Black Force Domain + Apocalyptic Revelat [...] 2013
Legion Woke 2013
Lenore S. Fingers Inner tales 2014
Livhzuena Dark Mirror Neurons 2015
Locrian Return To Annihilation 2013
Macabre Demise Homicidal Parasites 2015
Man Must Die Peace Was Never an Option 2013
Maruta Remain Dystopian 2015
Mastic Scum coeur C T R L 2013
Mercyless Pathetic Divinity 2016
Metallica Through The Never (Live) 2013
Hardwired... To Self-Destruct 2016
Miasmal Cursed Redeemer 2014
Tides of Omniscience 2016
Mind Whispers Cosmic Obediance 2013
Mindscar Kill the King 2015
Monument of Misanthropy Anger Mismanagement 2014
Monumentomb Ritual Exhumation (EP) 2014
More Than A Thousand vol. 5 Lost at home 2014
Mother & Pearl Inner Voice 2013
Psycho Thrill 2017
Necrodium Remnants 2015
Newsted Heavy Metal Music 2013
Obituary Inked in Blood 2014
Obliteration Black Death Horizon 2013
Obscura Akróasis 2016
Origin Omnipresent 2014
Phobiatic Fragments Of Flagrancy 2014
Pig Destroyer Mass & Volume (EP) 2014
Prowler in the yard (réédition) 2015
Pitbulls In The Nursery Equanimity 2015
Recueil Morbide coeur Morbid Collection 2015
Revocation Empire Of The Obscene (réédition) 2015
Rotten Sound Abuse to Suffer 2016
Sepultura coeur Machine Messiah 2017
Simone Fiorletta Personalities 2013
Six Feet Under Crypt of the Devil 2015
Torment 2017
Skálmöld Með Vættum 2014
Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter 2014
Sorcery Garden of Bones 2016
Spellbinding Par-delà l'hymne des souffrances 2013
Stages of Decomposition Crawl Space Burial (EP) 2016
Sulphur Aeon Gateway To The Antisphere 2015
Swine Overlord Entheogenesis 2016
Tagada Jones coeur 20 ans d'ombre et de lumière 2013
Dissident 2014
Taste of Tears Once human 2011
Teethgrinder Misanthropy 2015
The Arisen Rising Times (EP) 2015
The Browning Hypernova 2013
The Devils Music The Devils Music 2016
The Drip A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (EP) 2014
Theatres des Vampires Candyland 2016
Throwdown Intolerance 2014
Torturerama It Begins At Birth 2014
Toxic Holocaust From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction 2013
Chemistry of Consciousness 2013
Truth Corroded The Saviours Slain 2013
Twilightfall The Energy of Soul 2014
Ultra Vomit M.Patate 2004
UltraMantis Black UltraMantis Black 2014
Unhoped Sonic Violence 2016
Unseelie Urban Fantasy 2014
VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC Snuff fetish infection (Split) (rééditio [...] 2015
W.E.B. coeur For Bidens 2014
Warfaith Wise Man Is Dead 2015
Whisper of Death Noise of Obstinacy 2014
Wormfood L'Envers 2016
Xiphea Masquerade 2013
Zappa, Dweezil Via Zammata' 2015

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