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Album (313)


36 Crazyfists Collisions and Castaways 2010
A Buried Existence The Dying Breed 2011
A Life Once Lost Iron Gag 2007
Ecstatic Trance 2012
Abyss Against The Sea (EP) 2009
Acaro The Disease Of Fear 2012
After The Burial Dig Deep 2016
Agabus Last Way Left (EP) 2005
Agnostic Front Another Voice 2004
All Hail The Yeti All Hail The Yeti 2012
All Life Ends Miscreation 2023
All Shall Perish Awaken The Dreamer 2008
Anima The Daily Grind 2008
Anterior This Age Of Silence 2007
Echoes of the Fallen 2011
Architects Nightmares 2006
Hollow Crown 2009
gueule The Here And Now 2011
Daybreaker 2012
coeur Lost Forever // Lost Together 2014
All Our Gods Have Abandonned Us 2016
Artas Riotology 2011
As Eden Burns The Great Celestial Delusion 2008
As I Lay Dying An Ocean Between Us 2007
The Powerless Rise 2010
Awakened 2012
As They Burn Aeon's War 2011
Will, Love, Life 2013
Asking Alexandria From Death To Destiny 2013
Atreyu Lead Sails Paper Anchor 2007
Congregation Of The Damned 2009
August Burns Red Messengers 2007
Austrian Death Machine Total Brutal 2008
Double Brutal 2009
Azusa Heavy Yoke 2018
Beneath The Massacre Incongruous 2012
Berried Alive Make It Work (EP) 2019
Beyond All Recognition gueule Drop = Dead 2012
Beyond The Shore Ghostwatcher 2013
Black Bomb A Speech Of Freedom 2004
Illicite Stuff Live 2005
Black Tide Chasing Shadows 2015
Bleed The Sky Paradigm In Entropy 2005
Bleeding Through Declaration 2008
Blessthefall His Last Walk 2007
Blood Stain Child Mozaiq 2007
Bolu2 Death Dualitas 2016
Borg 64 Anywhere But Here (EP) 2013
Born Of Osiris The Simulation 2019
Breakhead Allegiance to Materiality 2021
Bury Tomorrow The Union of Crowns 2012
Bury Your Dead Mosh N' Roll 2011
Caliban The Awakening 2007
Say Hello To Tragedy 2009
gueule Coverfield 2011
I Am Nemesis 2012
gueule Ghost Empire 2014
Callejon Zombieactionhauptquartier 2008
Videodrom 2010
Callisto True Nature Unfolds 2005
Carnal Forge Testify For My Victims 2007
Catalepsy Bleed 2011
Century The Red Giant 2012
Chain Reaction Vicious Circle 2009
Checkmate D'Or et d'Acier (EP) 2009
Immanence 2013
Chimaira The Impossibility Of Reason 2003
Chimaira 2005
Resurrection 2006
The Infection 2009
The Age of Hell 2011
Crown of Phantoms 2013
ClubMurder ClubMurder 2017
Coat Of Arms Sun & Satellite 2013
A Shade Of Red 2015
Co-Exist Surgical Removal Of The Teeth, Toenails, [...] 2005
Confession The Long Way Home 2012
Converge Jane Doe 2001
Axe to Fall 2009
Corpse Division Tormented Horizon (EP) 2009
Crankset Graceful Delicacy 2009
Crisis Like Sheep Led To Slaughter 2004
Cryptopsy The Unspoken King 2008
Crystal Lake Helix 2018
Crystalic Watch Us Deteriorate 2007
Daath The Concealers 2009
Dacryma Dacryma (EP) 2012
Dagoba Face The Colossus 2008
Darkness Dynamite The Astonishing Fury Of Mankind 2009
Dead Silence Hides My Cries The Symphony Of Hope 2013
Dear Superstar gueule Damned Religion 2011
Death Comes Home The Pursuers 2013
Deride The Void 2012
Despite In Your Despite 2009
Devil Sold His Soul gueule Empire Of Light 2012
Devil You Know The Beauty Of Destruction 2014
Dirty Shirt coeur Dirtylicious 2015
coeur Get Your Dose Now! 2022
Divine Heresy Bleed The Fifth 2007
Bringer of Plagues 2009
Djeuled’ Vak Boulevard Pol Pot 2010
Drone For Torch And Crown 2012
Dwail Helter Skelter 2011
EkoTren Light The Fire 2008
Emia Emia (CD démo+DVD) 2009
Run To Live (EP) 2010
Emil Bulls The Black Path 2008
gueule Phoenix 2009
Eminence The God Of All Mistakes 2008
eOn coeur Unscared 2009
Erra Impulse 2011
Augment 2013
Drift 2016
Eths Ex Umbra In Solem (EP) 2014
Ankaa 2016
Evergreen Terrace Wolfbiker 2007
Almost Home 2009
Exilia My Own Army 2009
Fallujah The Harvest Wombs 2011
Figure Of Six coeur Aion 2008
Forever In Terror Restless In The Tides 2007
Forever Never Empty Promises 2007
Forever Never 2009
Glass Cloud The Royal Thousand 2012
God Forbid coeur Earthsblood 2009
Grantig So Muss Es Sein 2008
Guardians The Alignment 2012
Hand To Hand Design The End / Follow The Horizon 2009
Haste The Day Pressure The Hinges 2007
Heaven Shall Burn Deaf To Our Prayers 2006
Invictus 2010
Hypno5e coeur Shores of the Abstract Line 2016
I Killed The Prom Queen Music For The Recently Deceased 2007
I-Def-I In The Light Of A New Day 2007
Igneous Human gueule Pyroclastic Storms 2010
In Flames Reroute To Remain 2002
A Sense Of Purpose 2008
In This Moment Beautiful Tragedy 2007
The Dream 2008
gueule A Star Crossed Wasteland 2010
Inevitable End coeur The Severed Inception 2009
Infected Rain Endorphin 2019
Insense Soothing Torture 2005
The Silent Epidemic 2007
Insidead Chaos ElecDead 2011
Inti Fall Disaster (EP) 2018
It Dies Today Lividity 2009
It Prevails The Inspiration 2007
Jarell Hidden Side 2008
Jenx Enuma Elish 2012
John Wayne Tempestade 2012
Kells Anachromie 2012
Kiju Demo(n)cracy 2005
Killin' Baudelaire Vertical Horizon 2020
Killswitch Engage Alive Or Just Breathing 2002
The End of Heartache 2004
As Daylight Dies 2006
Killswitch Engage 2009
Kruna Last Century 2013
Lamb Of God Sacrament 2006
coeur Walk With Me In Hell (DVD) 2008
coeur Wrath 2009
VII: Sturm und Drang 2015
Last Days Of Beethoven Blind Conductor 2017
Last View Hell In Reverse 2011
Lazarus A.D. Black Rivers Flow 2011
Leach The Cameron Force Tapes (demo) 2007
Lies Of Nazca Aleph 2014
Like Moths To Flames gueule When We Don't Exist 2011
Los Sin Nombre Blind Leading Blind 2009
Lovehatehero White Lies 2007
Machinemade God Masked 2007
Magoa Animal 2012
Topsy Turvydom 2013
Malefice Dawn of Reprisal 2009
Awaken The Tides 2011
Manntis Sleep In Your Grave 2005
Maroon Antagonist 2001
Order 2009
Memphis May Fire Memphis May Fire (EP) 2008
Mevadio Fresh Kill Daily 2008
Mirizøn coeur Shrinking Violet 2021
Miss May I Shadows Inside 2017
Mnemic Mechanical Spin Phenomena 2003
Passenger 2007
Moghan Ra Golden Hell (EP) 2010
Monuments Gnosis 2012
The Amanuensis 2014
More Than A Thousand vol. 5 Lost at home 2014
Mother & Pearl Psycho Thrill 2017
My Mind's Weapon gueule The Carrion Sky 2008
Neaera Forging the Eclipse 2010
Ours is the Storm 2013
Nevea Tears Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You 2004
Northlane Node 2015
Mesmer 2017
Oh Sleeper Son of the Morning 2009
On Broken Wings It's All a Long Goodbye 2005
Parkway Drive Killing With A Smile 2005
coeur Atlas 2012
Ire 2015
PassCode Clarity 2019
Strive 2020
Periphery Juggernaut : Alpha 2015
Persefone Spiritual Migration 2013
Psygnosis Human Be[ing] 2014
R.I.P. Out To R.I.P. All Nations !!! 2007
Raunchy Death Pop Romance 2004
coeur Wasteland Discotheque 2008
Reach The Shore Faith And Confidence 2014
Ready Set Fall Memento 2014
Reflections Exi(s)t 2013
Reflux The Illusion of Democracy 2005
Restraint Rise Above Hate 2016
Rhope gueule Turning Maybes Into Reality 2012
Rise Of Doom Purgation 2015
Rise Of The Northstar Welcame 2014
Sailing Before The Wind Judgement 2012
Seven Ends gueule To The Worms 2012
Shadows Fall Retribution 2009
She Said Destroy Times Like Vines 2006
This City Speaks In Tongues 2008
Shrezzers coeur Sex & Sax 2023
Sideblast Cocoon 2011
Six Reasons To Kill Architects Of Perfection 2011
We Are Ghosts 2013
SlavEATgod The Skyline Fission 2014
So Hideous Last Poem / First Light 2014
Soilwork Figure Number Five 2003
Stabbing The Drama 2005
The Panic Broadcast 2010
Sons of Aeon Sons of Aeon 2013
Speaking With Ghosts Searching For Direction 2015
Spineshank Anger Denial Acceptance 2012
Split Tales Of Vanity (EP) 2009
Starkweather Croatoan 2006
Static X Wisconsin Death Trip 1999
Shadow Zone 2003
Stick To Your Guns Comes From The Heart 2009
Still Remains The Serpent 2007
Subsonic Fallout Galaxies 2013
Suicide Silence gueule You Can't Stop Me 2014
gueule Sacred Words (EP) 2015
Svoystvo A Memory Of A Human Being 2015
Sworn In All Smiles 2017
Sybreed Slave Design 2004
Antares 2007
Sylosis Conclusion Of An Age 2008
coeur Edge Of The Earth 2011
Dormant Heart 2015
T.A.N.K The Burden Of Will 2010
Tagada Jones Dissident 2014
Tasters gueule Reckless 'Till The End 2011
Texas In July One Reality 2011
The Absence Riders Of The Plague 2007
The Agonist Once Only Imagined 2007
Prisoners 2012
Five 2016
The Agony Scene Get Damned 2008
The Amenta N0n 2008
Flesh Is Heir 2013
The ARRS coeur Héros Assassin 2009
coeur Just Live (DVD) 2010
Soleil Noir 2012
The Black Dahlia Murder Miasma 2005
The Blackout Argument Remedies 2009
The Browning Hypernova 2013
The Chariot The Fiancée 2007
The Devil Wears Prada gueule Plagues 2007
With Roots Above And Branches Below 2009
The Eyes Of A Traitor coeur A Clear Perception 2009
Breathless 2010
The Human Abstract coeur Digital Veil 2011
The Ocean Heliocentric 2010
The Orange Man Theory Riding a Cannibal Horse From Here To... 2006
The Postman Syndrome Terraforming 2007
The Prophecy23 gueule Green Machine Laser Beam 2012
The Red Chord Prey For Eyes 2007
The Red Shore Unconsecrated + The Lost Verses 2009
The Safety Fire Mouth of Swords 2013
The Sorrow Blessings From A Blackened Sky 2007
Origin of the Storm 2009
Misery-Escape 2012
The Soulless Isolated 2011
The Very End Vs Life 2008
This Or The Apocalypse Monuments 2008
Haunt What's Left 2010
Dead Years 2012
Threat Signal Vigilance 2009
Throne Of Hatred El Reinado Del Anticristo 2015
Throwdown Intolerance 2014
Times Of Grace The Hymn of a Broken Man 2011
Trivium Ascendancy 2005
Shogun 2008
In Waves 2011
Silence In The Snow 2015
What The Dead Men Say 2020
Tuxedo Flowerfield Melodies 2013
Under The Abyss coeur A Wavering Path 2012
A Future To Behold 2015
Unearth The Stings Of Conscience 2001
III : In The Eyes Of Fire 2006
The March 2008
Darkness in the Light 2011
Unsafe Manipulative Progress 2009
Veil Of Maya coeur [m]other 2023
Warattah Distorsion 2006
We Came As Romans Understanding What We've Grown To Be 2011
Windrunner TAN 2022
Winds Of Plague Blood of my Enemy 2017
Winter Solstice The Fall Of Rome 2005
Within The Ruins Halfway Human 2017
Zao Awake? 2009

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